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The Sex-Positive Olympics

I just read an article on the Daily Beast, discussing the admirable way that the Olympic committees have decided to approach the simple fact that when people are living in the same area, there’s going to be some sex.

According to the article, the Athletes’ Village at the London Olympics has over 100,000 Durex condoms on hand, free for the taking for athletes.  Apparently this is a tradition now, as the 2008 Beijing Olympics actually ran out of 70,000 condoms, and had to re-order an additional 20,000.  There are some slightly salacious stories revolving around the permissive and celebratory nature of the Olympic Village if you know where to find them.

The Olympics is a time to celebrate athleticism, and for the nations of the world to come together, compete, and celebrate the best our countries have to offer.  With such a commitment to safer sex, education about STIs (especially HIV and AIDS), and what seems to be a universal policy of protecting the privacy of Olympians, the Olympic committees are getting two huge thumbs up from me.

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