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Sex Toy Review: Slender G Waterproof Vibrator

Hello again, dear friends!  Before I jump into this review, it is absolutely vital that you all know about this awesome sale that Good Vibrations is having right now!  Have you ever used a Magic Wand, and wished that you could get the same strong vibrations, but without the cord?  You are in luck, you sassy minx, because Good Vibrations is not only dropping the price on their Mystic Wand, but they are also throwing in one of their brand new g-spot vibrators into the deal!  This deal is only going to last through Monday, November 18th, 2013, so don’t think twice, click that link and get one!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  Because I am an affiliate marketer with Good Vibrations, by purchasing items through the links in this blog post you are directly supporting my work here on Nice Girls Like Sex Too.  So not only are you getting yourself a super fun new toy, but you’re making sure I can continue writing and producing my YouTube videos.  Win/win, don’t you think?

As you may know already, I have mostly converted my blog format to YouTube.  Sadly, it appears that the Powers That Be™ at YouTube find videos with sex toys to be offensive, and with my new partnership with Good Vibrations, I have the awesome opportunity to review new toys!  You’ll just have to imagine my dulcet tones as you read my reviews.

I was so excited when I opened my first box and found this inside!  This is the Slender G Waterproof Vibrator.

Mine is that gorgeous teal!

I devoured the information on the box, and was pleased to see that not only is this toy 100% phthalate free, but it is also latex free!  I have several friends with latex allergies, and this can be a major problem when it comes to sex toys.   I was also pretty excited to see that it can be used with any kind of lube.  The plastic is completely smooth, but it has a soft feel to it, not a hard plasticky feel.  I *might* have waved it around a bit in the kitchen and unnerved a couple of my housemates.

And then, I was immediately a little intimidated.  You see, until I received this one, I had never owned or used a g-spot vibrator.  Sure, I know how they’re supposed to work and how to use one, but knowing isn’t the same as putting that information to practice.  I mean, I understand the physics and engineering of a bicycle, but that isn’t the same as riding one, right?  It sat on my bookshelf for a week or so, and I felt a little guilty each time it caught my eye.  Fiance started nudging me a little about it.  “Hey, this thing is still here.  You can’t review it until you actually try it!”  I would duck my head a little, and promise that I would eventually get around to using it.

My life has had a couple of interesting twists in it lately, so actually setting aside the time to properly give it a go was more difficult than I had originally anticipated.  Finally, I found myself with a couple of extra hours and some sexual excitement to work off.  Nothing was going to stop me now!  I dug out two AA batteries, and had some fun changing the intensity of the vibrations as I held it.  I inspected the o-ring that makes the vibrator waterproof.  I even dunked it in my glass of water and giggled at the sound.  In what may have been a bad idea, I decided to forgo my usual routine of reading erotica.  Instead, I mentally queued up my favorite fantasy, and decided to see if I could achieve an orgasm with just the g-spot vibrator.  This is masturbation on expert mode.  Then I laid down and got to work.

This vibrator is noticeably longer than other g-spot vibrators, and so I found it to be a little ergonomically challenging.  The multi-speed dial was disconcertingly loud as it vibrated with the toy.  I had to keep a finger pressed down on the dial so that my activities wouldn’t be apparent to my housemates as they walked by.  Aside from the dial, this toy was reasonably quiet.  As someone who had never used a g-spot vibrator before, it took some serious maneuvering to finally get the head in a position where it started to feel good.

I then spent the next hour and a half teetering on the edge of orgasm.  I tried increasing or decreasing the vibration speed, and… nothing.  I have never masturbated that long without reaching climax, and I was starting to feel a little frustrated.  That particular fantasy had never failed me, and I knew that I was really REALLY close to orgasm, but it remained juuuuust out of reach, even when I gave in and tried some clitoral stimulation in addition to the vibrator.

I became gradually aware of an odd smell.  *sniff*  “What on Earth is that?” I asked myself aloud.  *sniff*  “Hmm, it smells like something is burning…”  I decided to get up and do a little investigating.  I moved the blanket aside, and discovered that the mystery smell was actually coming from my crotch.  Yes, you read that right.  I opened up the vibrator and the smell became stronger.

I actually managed to burn out the motor by keeping it on high, and keeping myself on the edge of orgasm for 90 minutes straight!  Of course, I had to take a funny snapchat and send it to a couple of friends!

I'm no longer feeling prejudiced against G-Spot vibes.

I’m no longer feeling prejudiced against G-Spot vibes.

Now, I admit, I was more than a little frustrated when I sent that, and I don’t really think that g-spot vibrators are “not for me”.  To be honest, I am seriously impressed by the stamina of this little toy.  I really put it through its paces, and although I didn’t reach orgasm, I am fully aware that I specifically made it as difficult for myself as possible.  And at $20, it is a serious bargain.


  • Phthalate and latex free
  • Amazing texture
  • Can use any lubricant
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful and variable vibration
  • Inexpensive
  • Slender and long


  • Awkward for a first-timer
  • Not ergonomic
  • Dial rattles with the vibrations

Despite my personal experience, overall, I definitely recommend the Slender G Waterproof Vibrator!

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