Demystifying Dirty Talk!

Talking dirty in bed is easier than you might think!

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  1. Hey, great advice there – as a lover of dirty talk, narrating is definitely the go to dirty talk for me. Also, this may not be “dirty” talk but similar to telling your partner how good something feels – telling your partner how good they look to you is another way to say sexy things while in bed.

    A small criticism – why is porn your reference for the ideal way to “talk dirty”? Porn isn’t (or shouldn’t be) an ideal or a guide to what is the right way to do something for sex. Porn is fantasy and generally caters to one persons fantasy. Good sex is mutual and should cater to each others pleasure so the criticism – be careful using porn as a yardstick when giving sex advice because you may lead people to think porn is where to go to learn how to have sex.

    Otherwise, love what you say here. Dirty talk is definitely sexy communication.

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