Men and Women are Socialized to Communicate Differently!

Ask your significant other what they need from a conversation!

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  1. As someone who was socialized as a boy but has the chemical outpourings of female brain chemical saturation (trans)-I find the interpersonal relationship with my partner (genetic cis-female) to be the core of communication social structure.
    She prefers direct answers and decisions, but I feel at times its based on the hetero-normative socialization she received and expects it more often than my “I-wanna-talk-about-cute-things” mind allows.
    Saving grace is that she is bi but never had things work out with cis-women because they don’t jump to pay for things, open the door, protective, chivalrous-etc.
    Her and my relationship has complex layers, but there is never a dull moment and its always positive in the end.
    Thank you for stirring social conscious once again!

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