Peter Shih: Paragon of Misogyny and Transphobia

Peter Shih wrote an awful article on, which he first edited and then deleted entirely. It was a really mean and awful article full of misogyny and transphobic commentary regarding San Francisco. Naturally, I couldn’t let this go without throwing in my two cents. Congratulations on completely destroying your online reputation in one article, Peter!

Twitter link to the #petershihfacts here:

Read my favorite takedown of Peter here, and click at the bottom for a screenshot of Peter’s original, unedited article:

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  1. Peter sounds like a very flaccid man (one lacking a spinal column). Someone should point out that whining will not get you any points with anyone who would sleep with him on a drunken dare.
    Thank you for pointing out that trans are people too! Marginalization and murder of transpeople still continues.
    Great blog lady!!

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