Busy Busy Bee

Hello dear readers!  I’ve got a lot of fun things coming up for you, but they’re taking much longer than I anticipated.  I’m really sorry for leaving you in the lurch lately, but here’s a preview of coming attractions!

I’m currently reading three (3!) books to review for you, including Finding Gaia, by Kimberly Chapman, recommended to me by one of my Google Plus friends; a promotional copy of The Sex God – No Mud No Lotus, by Ben Belenus; and The Ultimate Guide to Kink by the lovely Tristan Taormino.

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I sent a care package to my best friend, and had to go shopping for condoms and lubrication for her.  I went to my favorite intimate store, Good Vibrations, and I ended up sending her a gigantic grab bag, as I couldn’t pick just one!  It is always fun to try new and different types of condoms, and when they come from a reputable place like Good Vibrations, you know that they’re going to be good.  I also sent her a bunch of different types of lube, because, again, I simply couldn’t pick.  Here’s hoping she decides to do some reviews for Nice Girls!

While I was gleefully grabbing condoms and lubrication samples, I also found a VERY interesting new product called Masque.  These are flavor strips that dissolve on your tongue, similar to a Listerine strip, but they actually block the salt and bitter receptors on your tongue!  I grabbed a few of them, and not only sent some to my best friend, but I kept a few for myself.  I just put the watermelon flavor in my mouth, waited a couple of minutes and had a teaspoon of salt.  Couldn’t taste a thing.  I can’t wait to try them in a more intimate setting.

I want to thank you all again for being so patient with me.  I am doing my best to bring you quality content that isn’t just me losing my mind over something that’s going on in the news.

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