Love Joule: Japanese Masturbation Bar for Women

My best friend is an Australian currently living in the city of Kobe in Japan.  She has regaled me with stories of how different the culture is with regards to sex and normal bodily functions.  The most recent “problem” was attempting to purchase tampons in a convenience store.  They keep the boxes wrapped up in paper, and they will double-bag the wrapped package!  And condoms?  No way.  I’m actually sending her a big box of them later this week.

Naturally, when I saw this article (mildly NSFW) on Jezebel, I thought of my best friend.  Megumi Nakagawa, an entrepreneur in the Shibuya district of Tokyo has opened Love Joule, the country’s first “love and sex bar dedicated to women.”  Instead of the typical alcohol bottles displayed on the shelves behind the bar, there are vibrators and other sex toys all lined up.  From what I’ve seen on the facebook page, the toys are on the higher end of the scale too!  The bar is for women only (unless the man is accompanied by a woman), and is frequented by women who work in the sex industry in Tokyo.

It is my understanding that sex, especially female masturbation, is a very taboo subject in traditional Japanese culture.  I find it encouraging and refreshing to see that Nakagawa is attempting to provide a space for women to discuss how to have a happier and healthier sex life.  I will definitely seek out Love Joule when I visit Tokyo for the first time.

Would you like to see something like this in your city?  Would you go to Love Joule if you had the chance?

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  1. I’d definitely check out the place – sounds swanky and fun!

  2. BOOM! JAPAN! Now that you’ve mentioned it, when ARE you coming to visit me in Japan? 😀 😀 😀 We’ll go to Shibuya and it’ll be magical.

    This store is even more impressive when you consider they also wrap your sex toys in pretty floral wrapping paper. My friend’s vibrator didn’t work when we tested it after purchase. Nothing is more awkward than trying to explain to some 20-something girl in broken Japanese that you need a different vibrator because the it’s not responding to the batteries.

    (And yaaaaaaaaaaaay condoms! I should take a picture of the condoms I currently have in my drawer. I think they have butterflies on the box.)

  3. Do they double wrap (or overwrap) feminine hygiene products like as buying a bottle of liquor?

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