Oh, Toronto

Once again, Toronto is making headlines across the nation for slut-shaming.  As you might recall, last year, a Toronto police officer sparked a firestorm of criticism and outrage when he said  “women should avoid dressing like sluts not to be victimized” during a speech.  That outrage turned into a movement that has swept across the US and Canada: The Slutwalk.

But apparently that wasn’t enough.

Now, shortly after Toronto police held a news conference to warn women in the area about a series of sexual assaults, Krista Ford, the niece of Mayor Tom Ford, and daughter of a Councillor, sent an awful tweet (screenshot courtesy of Gawker media):

Some People Just Never Learn


Don’t dress like a whore?  Really, Ms. Ford?  Guess what?  My clothing is never an excuse for someone to sexually assault me!  It’s never an excuse, period!  People of both sexes, all ages, professions and styles of dress have become victims of sexual assaults.  It’s not just the drunk girl walking home by herself after dancing at a club all night, it’s the girl wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, it’s the guy rushing for a frat who is getting hazed, or anyone who finds themselves in a vulnerable position.

With all of this in mind, I have signed up to attend San Francisco’s Slutwalk, occurring next weekend, September 8th, at Dolores Park.  I hope that all of my readers in the Bay Area will join me.  For those of you who are not in San Francisco, I’ll be taking some pictures!

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  1. damn im going to be in LA!

  2. Reblogged this on Damn Right I'm a Feminist and commented:
    WHAT THE FUCK TORONTO?! Do you hate rape victims or are you just insensitive assholes?!

  3. What an absolutely awful thing to say! Women should be able to dress how they like, this is not an invitation for them to be in any way sexually harassed. If I saw a topless bloke walking around on a sunny day and kidnapped him to a sex dungeon I don’t think he’d be blamed for ‘provoking’ me!

  4. Wanting to believe that a victim of a crime is at fault for attracting the criminal is a way to avoid empathy for the victim. Beyond that, its a way to avoid personal responsibility for eliminating the crime in a community. A rape victim deserves a lot of empathy and a society should actively work to eliminate it.

    • I absolutely agree. One would think, however, that given her city’s history regarding this particular subject, this young lady would have known better than to broadcast slut-shaming in a public forum.

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