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For those of you who don’t know, WordPress gives bloggers the ability to look at a lot of the data associated with a blog that one owns.  The information that I find the most intriguing (and often hilarious) is the search terms that lead people to Nice Girls.  The searches are often in the form of a question.

After sharing a couple of these on twitter, I thought I would amuse myself by answering them here.  Hopefully you will find these as interesting as I do!

Q: Do we have to apply any lubricant on male condom?
A: Not necessarily.  Most male condoms come with some form of lubrication already.  Lubrication is absolutely necessary for anal sex.  There are some conditions and medication that will decrease a woman’s ability to produce her natural lubrication (including menopause and minor dehydration), but if you’ve engaged in enough foreplay, there shouldn’t be any reason that you absolutely need to use lubricant for PIV (penis in vagina) intercourse.

Q: Why girls like sex?
A: Pretty much for the same reason guys like sex.  It feels good, it releases hormones that feel awesome, and it is a great way to bond with a partner.

Q: how to ensure female condom has been placed correctly
A: If you are a woman using a female condom, then you should be able to feel the smaller ring around your cervix when you insert a finger or two.  The larger ring should be visible outside of the vaginal canal.

Q: why do girl gamers hate other girls for no reason?
A: I think that you’re operating under some pretty big assumptions here, bucko.  However, I would posit that it is due to a lack of understanding or an assumption about the other girl, if the girl gamer doesn’t know the other girl personally; or a personal issue, if the two know one another.

Q: is it true that somebody that i used to know by gotye is about a girl that got raped?
A: That wasn’t my analysis of the song, or the analysis of one of my commenters.  I don’t think that it is about a girl who was raped.

Q: nixie pixel really had a problem with sexist comments?
A: Yep.  She sure did.

Q: do silicone based lubricants prevent pregnancy?
Q: does water based lube prevet pregnancy?
A:  While there are spermicidal lubricants, no, your average lubricant does NOT prevent pregnancy.

Q: is wade in glee a girl?
A: Wade/Unique is transgender.  Transgender means that a person does not identify as the gender they were born into; Wade, who was born male, feels more comfortable as Unique, who identifies as female.  I am really looking forward to seeing how Glee continues with this character’s story.  I sincerely hope they continue approaching it in a sensitive and positive fashion.

Q: are vaginal spasms during masterbation an orgasm?
A:  Those spasms are part of an orgasm!  A female orgasm is generally accompanied by a rush of intense pleasure, and followed by a feeling of relaxation.

Q: how do you tell a potential sexual partner that you have herpes?
A: In a sensitive and straightforward fashion.  This is a conversation that should be had before there is any genital contact.

Q: does anastasia steele get herpes?
A: Please, read better erotic material.  If you prefer to read your pornography, I recommend sites like literotica.

Q: why isn’t prince charming not so charming in reality?
A: Because he’s not real.  Prince Charming is who you meet in the “honeymoon” stage of a relationship, where you and your partner are putting forward your best behavior, and aren’t really acting like the person you are.  It can take awhile for both of you to really reveal your personalities, so make sure that you don’t fully commit to someone unless you’ve dated them for a long time.

Q: how many teens like abstinence only education?
A: I can’t answer this one.  Teens who are already sexually active probably don’t enjoy hearing that they are “bad”.  I’m not sure if studies have been done, but I think it is entirely possible that abstinence only education can contribute to an unhealthy attitude towards sex as an adult.

Q: is it necessary that girls should also use a condom?
A: If this is referring to using both a male condom and a female condom, the answer is no.  Using more than one condom can cause rips and tears in one or both, as there will be increased friction.  One condom is all that is really necessary.  However, if this is referring to using a condom on sex toys, then it’s never a bad idea.

Q: does the book act like a lady think like a man help girls?
A: No.  I think that it is a ridiculous book, and it perpetuates some bad stereotypes.

By far, the most popular search term leading to my blog is some permutation of “Disney Princess Sex”, often in other languages, which leads me to believe that animators could practically print money by doing some animated pornography.

I would love to answer more questions regarding sex, sexuality, contraception, relationships, or anything, really!  Please feel free to comment with your questions, or you can email me your question if you’d prefer to remain anonymous.

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  1. “By far, the most popular search term leading to my blog is some permutation of ‘Disney Princess Sex’, often in other languages, which leads me to believe that animators could practically print money by doing some animated pornography.”

  2. Ha! What a great post. I have some interesting search terms that lead folks to my blog as well (an unfortunate number of those are things like “sex with mom”). I’ll have to do a post like this one!

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