The Sex Positive Parent

In browsing some of the events on the Center for Sex and Culture’s website, I was pretty intrigued to see a series by Airial Clark, author of The Sex-Positive Parent.

Airial and I both attended OpenSF a few months ago, and while we didn’t have the opportunity to chat, I started following her on twitter.  During the conference, I was impressed at the level of discourse she presented in a pithy 140 characters or less (with a hashtag, nonetheless!), and I have only become more impressed as I have continued to follow her and read her blog.

To create a culture described in my “This is Why” post, we have to start with the interactions between parents and children.  Children need to learn, at an early age, that sexuality and gender are not a source of shame, but of joy.  If any of my readers are parents in the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend that you attend Airial’s workshop series later this month.  You can purchase tickets here.

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