Doing Your Dirty Work

On Friday evening, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the artist’s reception for “Doing Your Dirty Work”, a sampler of contemporary art about sex at the Center for Sex and Culture here in San Francisco.  Warning, the links in this post would all be considered NSFW.

The CSC sent out a request for submissions, and were shocked at the volume of work they received for consideration of this highly curated show.  According to their website, many of pieces submitted were from established artists and their more sexual work is excluded from their otherwise successful careers, others were artists who have never achieved success due to the sexual themes of their work.

Many of the art pieces were explicit in nature, but others explored sexuality in a subtler fashion.  I had two personal favorites.  L’Origin du Inflatable Love Doll, by Sydney Hardin, is a critique of L’Origin du Monde and a thought-provoking piece.  If this piece had been for sale, you can bet that Fiance and I would have figured out a way to purchase it.  My other favorite was of a less explicit nature.  Brotherly Love, by Jason Talley, is a gorgeous painting and depicts three young black men in a tender and private moment.

I also had the opportunity to have a conversation with Robert Lawrence, the President and Co-Founder of the CSC.  One of the missions of the CSC is to provide judgement-free sexual education, and they offer classes and a certification.  I am very excited to start attending classes at the CSC.

Doing Your Dirty Work runs from August 3-September 1, and I can highly recommend it.

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