Horrible Preacher Advocates “Beating the Gay” out of Children

And the congregation laughs.

If you want to listen to this hateful man, please feel free to go here.  He also says that he is giving a “special dispensation” to parents to beat the crap out of their children if the parents think the child is gay.

Are we still living in 2012?   Here’s a newsflash to Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina: BEATING YOUR CHILD IS WRONG.  Beating your child in some backwards attempt to “correct” their burgeoning sexuality is even more wrong, and you should be charged with inciting and advocating child abuse.

To say that I am horrified and outraged is an understatement.  Harris later published a half-assed apology, but the fact remains that he and his congregation are advocating and laughing at the idea of child abuse.  Just like the shock jock I wrote about last week, this man should be fired.  And he certainly shouldn’t be allowed around children.

What are your thoughts on the audio I posted, and his later apology?

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  1. I was as horrified as you were when I read about this evil man. It is amazing the hatred that can come from people who claim to be following the word of God. And the congregation’s response is one of the most disturbing parts as well.

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