Morning Show Host Incites Rape, My Head Explodes

I stopped listening to morning radio shows years ago.  When I wake up, I want to listen to upbeat happy music, mostly to keep my brain from deciding to scale a full-fledged revolt at being up before the sun.  I always became bored or angry listening to the inane or offensive patter of the morning show hosts.  Dominic Dieter, who is part of the morning show in Cleveland, has taken offensive to a whole new level.

For reasons unknown, a father wrote a letter to Rover’s Morning Glory, the morning show on Cleveland’s WMMS 100.7, asking for advice about his teenage daughter.  The father was concerned that his daughter is a lesbian, after seeing her kiss another girl.  Dieter’s advice?

“You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.”

I am so angry that I might explode in a fit of apoplectic fury.  First of all, rape is never something to joke about.  Secondly, corrective rape is a real thing.  It happens all the time in South Africa, and I also happens frequently in the US. This guy needs to be fired.  I am writing to the station (, and to Clear Channel (, the company that owns WMMS.  I’m even lodging a complaint with the FCC.  Won’t you join me?  Here, I’ve even drafted it for you already:

Dear Gary Mincer and Bob Pittman,

Your employee, Dominic Dieter, a morning show host on Cleveland’s WMMS 100.7, is an abominable human being.  On Friday, April 27th, in response to a letter written to the morning show, Dieter clearly incited and advocated the use of rape on a teenage girl who may be a lesbian.  Broadcasting these words, “You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight” is not only incredibly offensive, but is illegal, immoral, and horrifying.  Advocating the use of rape to attempt to “correct” homosexuality is unconscionable and reflects poorly on your company.  GLAAD has already called for his suspension and a piece regarding the real harm that can come from parental rejection of LGBTQ youth, but I am going further.  I am requesting his immediate termination.


Nice Girl

If I have any readers in Cleveland, I would love to know what companies advertise on this morning show, because I would like to bombard with requests for termination as well.  Let’s hit this company where it hurts: on their bottom line.

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  1. How old is she? Pretty sure this idiot just recommended pedophilia AND rape.

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