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I apologize for not doing the post today that I promised on Wednesday. I received a comment on my Thursday Links that I just have to respond to. I used to be heavily involved with the San Francisco Young Republicans, and this particular person was a fellow board member during my involvement.

Dan, I did not approve your comment because of the particularly inflammatory nature of the comment, and I would prefer to address it here, where it will not be lost in the comments, but spoken about openly.

For my readers, I want you all to see just how far-reaching the slut-shaming Rush Limbaugh’s comments have traveled. They have gone beyond an overweight blowhard speaking on the radio. They are now being regurgitated by representatives of the Republican Party.

Listen, I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to argue a point regarding someone’s opinions, and I do think you have interesting opinions, but I was shocked to read your last paragraph as it is a work of pure fiction.

For reference, the last paragraph of the post in question is here: Clearly, Facebook outright refuses to be seen to encourage sex without consequences. Someone in their advertising oversight department, deep down, agrees with Rush Limbaugh and thinks that women should stop having so much sex, and should suffer life-altering consequences if they dare to continue in their whorish ways.

Rush Limbaugh has made his feelings clear. He doesn’t want women to have sex, on birth control that he “pays for” that doesn’t benefit him directly. Rush specifically said that if he “has to pay” for women to have sex, he wants them to film it so that he has more masturbatory material. He wants to turn them into cyber prostitutes, all because they dare to have taken control over their own sexuality.

Rush’s comments, though obscene and not befitting his profession, was aimed at one woman who claimed that she needed the government to pay for her contraceptives because she has so much sex that she can’t afford to pay for it herself.

Are you aware of how the birth control pill works, Dan? A woman who is on the pill has to take it three weeks out of four for the pill to remain effective. She doesn’t take it right before having sex, she takes it so that she can have sex at some indeterminate point in the future. Or she takes it to help with her acne. Or she takes it to mitigate her PMS. Or she takes it to lessen any number of the severely painful problems women can have with their period. Over 50% of the women in the US who are currently on the pill are on it for health reasons that have nothing to do with contraception. I said this in a previous post, but if you have no problem with a health insurance plan covering Vicodin after a surgery, why would you have a problem with a health insurance plan covering a pill that can prevent other sorts of pain? So this isn’t an issue of her have “so much sex that she can’t afford to pay for it herself”, it’s a health care issue. That is slut-shaming, and is inherently offensive.

He has repeatedly said on his show that he has no problem with contraceptives but that the government should not be the one footing the bill. And what’s wrong with that?

He does have problems with contraceptives. He has problems with women who dare to have sex outside of marriage, and women who don’t want to get pregnant, even inside of marriage. That is why it is wrong. The government is not the one footing the bill for these contraceptives, the employer or college is footing the bill FOR HEALTH CARE. What is so deplorable about sex that it justifies an exemption for a health care insurance? Should health care stop providing coverage for people who contract STDs, that could permanently sterilize someone? Those are just as related to sex as birth control is!

I also find it disturbing that when he insults one woman, that somehow he is punching every woman in existence in the face, yet when ANY person calls conservative women like Sarah Palin, agree with her or not, vulgar names, no one says they are insulting all successful women.

I have both witnessed and been a part of vilifying Hillary Clinton. Does that mean that I am also insulting Sarah Palin? But this isn’t about politics, or any particular ideology. This is about slut-shaming, and every woman should be offended when it happens.

You are obviously a strong willed woman, and I salute that, but you are playing into the victim strategy of the left.

Again, I am not making this about a particular political ideology. What was said was wrong. Period. In saying that she was a slut and a prostitute, who should remove her clothes and have sex on camera for his benefit, Rush Limbaugh called me a slut and a prostitute too, as I am also having sex outside of marriage, and I am on birth control that my health insurance paid for. I am hardly playing the victim here, I am angrier than I have been in a long time, and I am doing something about it by speaking to my readers here.

But if we are going to make it into a political discussion, you are playing into the entitlement and arrogance strategies of the right. The conservative voting base has leaned far too hard on the Religious Right, and has repeatedly tried to codify their religious beliefs into law. There is no establishment of religion in this country, and Christianity’s view that sex is a sin should be viewed just as holy as a religious view that sex is a sacrament. Religious views on sex should be absolutely meaningless and disregarded when it comes to policy.

Santorum and Osama, separated at birth?

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  1. Dan, many years ago, I used to be Republican, too. I am deeply sorry your party has misinformed you so badly, and has led you to embarrass yourself.

    Please read this to understand why ALL WOMEN have been insulted, not just Ms. Fluke:

    Until the argument that “any woman who uses health insurance for sexual health services is a bad person” is retracted, anyone who has a scrap of common sense left is going to be furious.

    Because it’s not just ridiculous or idiotic. It’s a deeply unjust double standard that leaves women paying out of pocket for their sexual health care, while men’s Viagra is completely covered by health insurance. But don’t just take my word for it – look it up for yourself. And please, verify what the GOP tells you too, for your own sake.

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